Reality meets Insanity

Today is Monday October 5th. Kia ora katoa.

Today, I need some respite care. I saw a photo of Trump waving as he went for a drive in Washington. They are talking about his returning to the White House on (their) Monday. I am not ready to listen to him again, just yet. What a relief it has been that he has been “out of action” for a couple of days. At least, he hasn’t been dominating the airwaves quite like he used to, although he makes sure to dominate the narrative about his illness, releasing a videoed message, and some tweets, although perhaps they’re not written by him. There are still conflicting reports of his current condition and his pre-existing condition(s), suggesting that he may have been infectious when he debated Joe Biden, thus putting many more people at risk. Evidently, although the Cleveland Clinic insisted on Covid 19 tests and temperature checks for everyone before the debate, the Trump family arrived too late for these procedures. Does anyone think this was an accident? They then spurned the masks also insisted on by the Cleveland Clinic organisers.

It’s been a huge relief to have Trump out of action, and not catch glimpses of his poisonous rhetoric at his rallies, or even read the headlines.

Meanwhile, the infection total keeps going up, in the UK, in Europe, and in the US. Apparently A.G. Barr has now decided to self-isolate, after all. The White House is making no effort to contact-trace people who may have come into contact with infected persons at the White House and its events. They had a really slack attitude towards any taking of precautions.

Tonight we watched a Kiwi (DOC – Department of Conversations) chap interview David Pakman. What a joy to hear a kiwi accent, and some sensible stuff spoken of.  The Kiwi dared to say how awful Starbucks coffee is, and he talked sense about politics, both here and in the US. He also mentioned that here you can play and go to the rugby, and can be free from fear of Covid 19.

There is another NZSO Concert here in Wellington on Friday evening, with cheap seats, but I don’t think we’ll go – I don’t particularly like the conductor, and we have quite a busy few days. Having said that, fancy being free to choose!

More tomorrow. Nga mihi.

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