Easter Traditions

We don’t have any particular Easter traditions. Back in the day, there were Easter eggs (usually marshmallow filled), and Hot Cross Buns. I remember one time going to hear Bach’s St Matthew Passion. Sometimes we went to Taupo to see JD’s parents. I respect the fact that it is a very Holy Time for many Christians. When the boys were growing up there were usually concerts.

Although I’ve looked at Simnel Cake recipes, I’ve never made one. I have searched out the best place to buy buns, and realise it is quite subjective, really. I was never any good at making them and gave up after a while. What’s in them, anyway?

In reality, it is now a time to be got through. It is school holidays, and the local cafe is closed for statutory holidays. One stocks up with library books. The Long Easter weekend (with Good Friday and Easter Monday being statutory holidays) is taken here more seriously than Christmas, with the local supermarket being closed for Good Friday and Easter Sunday. There is no Christmas Eve late night shopping or Boxing Day sales, although there is still wrangling over shopping on Good Friday. One doesn’t want to be on the road at such a busy time. Many cafes, if open, have a surcharge.

A few years ago Easter Egg hunts were a thing. Now many children receive Easter baskets. I guess I am relieved that this is no longer expected of me by my children!

But we do like to speak to all our children at Easter time. This did not go so well this year. We tried to speak to our daughter on Easter Sunday. She said no; her carer she had been to Sunday Service and was busy making a cup of tea. It was suggested we try again later.

When we rang again, she was watching “The Sound of Music” and again wouldn’t speak to us! I guess a lady has the right to say “No”, but JD and I were both disappointed. She had seemed very pleased to see us the weekend before. I always send her something special for Easter.

JD sent a message to our eldest son to ask if it was a good time to ring. It wasn’t convenient. Another son and his family were off to Taupo. JD contacted our youngest son via text, and exchanged messages before he and his wife caught a train.

One son came to visit bringing his daughter. That was a big thrill. It was great to see them both.

So much for Easter traditions! I come from family who although deeply religious, regarded Christmas and Easter as pagan festivals, and did not celebrate them. They celebrated birthdays – back in the day having chicken for dinner was a birthday treat, and I could choose what type of cake I would like. Cynthia and her parents would come to dinner. It was all quite low-key compared to nowadays. I guess I am conflicted now. But I do like to celebrate Christmas and Easter in my own rather understated way. They are special to me, for various reasons.

There are many special dates that we don’t uphold, such as Valentine’s Day, and Halloween. We don’t make a big deal of Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. I hate to see these so commercialized. Mother’s Day is special to me because my eldest granddaughter was born on Mother’s Day in 2012. Not everyone has a mother or a father alive who was kind to them. Birthdays and wedding anniversaries are important, as are Christmas and Easter. Anniversaries of loved ones’ deaths are becoming important.

It’s good to have contact with our loved ones at these special times.

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